Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why I Became a Master Gardener - Part 3

"My friend said she was interested in becoming a Master Gardener, and I thought it was a joke using the words master and gardener together. Having been raised on a farm, gardening was second-nature to me. However, when I discovered that Master Gardeners actually have a Penn State Extension course of study through which much more information can be learned, I, too, was interested. Through that course of study, old wives' tales were dispelled, proper methods were discovered, and new techniques were learned. Additionally, I have made friends with others who share an interest in all types of gardening, and the hours spent volunteering are rewarding."
"I have been playing in the dirt for most of my life - with moderate success in raising flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees, weeds, etc. I wanted to learn more about all things plant related, so decided to take the Master Gardener program. I am now on a lifelong learning process and realize how little I knew in the past. The classes were interesting and informative, and getting my hands in the dirt with fellow Master Gardeners, going to extended training classes, and the fellowship of new friends has added enhancement, excitement and enrichment to my life. I haven't learned all the paths of great gardening yet, but know where to look to find them."
 "I grew flowers for years before becoming a Master Gardener. My approach was to just wing it, use some common sense and learn what I could from others whose gardens I admired. After discovering there was such a program, I decided to take the classes and go for my Master Gardener certification so I could become a better gardener at home. Several years prior to this decision, I began taking photos of my flower beds in an effort to become a more organized gardener. I found I was easily distracted by the beautiful up close details of the plants and the creatures that lived there. My fondness for photography grew from this. I ended up doing my Master Gardener presentation on photography in the garden, all the while expressing my love of bees. Consequently I ended up taking on the task of getting the pollinator demonstration garden and program going for Franklin County Master Gardeners. I am now passionate about pollinators and creating a healthy habitat for them at the Extension Office Demonstration Gardens as well as at home.

As far as becoming a better gardener…..I still like to wing it, use much more common sense and learn what I can from other Master Gardeners whom I admire."
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