Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I Became A Master Gardener - Part 1

Thanks so much for the responses to my request to document why you became a Penn State Extension Master Gardener.  I've received about a dozen or so answers, and will put them up periodically here on the blog, to let others know the rewards, and perhaps inspire new folks to join our ranks.  The idea for this series came from the National eXtension Master Gardener Blog, accessible from the links to the right, and a regular read for me. I'm going to post these anonymously and in no particular order although you may be able to tell who the author is, based on the context. 

"I became a Master Gardener because it was a way to volunteer with educational projects in the community, while learning a lot about gardening, in the company of a great group of people!"

"To volunteer my time and efforts as I share my love of gardening with others. To meet so so many really gifted Master Gardeners who share this love."
"I became a master gardener so I can share with others my experiences in gardening which might help them to become better gardeners"
Keep sending me your thoughts and I'll continue to post them here.

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