Monday, June 11, 2012

Victory Garden 2012 Log - June 4th

Pole Bean Poles Going Up

TomatoTalk today.  Yours truly did a condensed version of the Tomato Workshop, covering such topics as:
Fruit or Vegetable
Determinate and Indeterminate

Heirloom (Open Pollinated) and Hybrid

Support structures


Botanically, it's a Perennial (see picture below) 

More useful reading here and here.

During garden time, the group weeded, raised supports for vertical gardening of beans, thinned beets and carrots in raised beds, hand-picked Colorado potato beetles into cups filled with soapy water, planted strawberries in the no till garden, and mulched in various places with newspaper and straw.

Epcot Picture of a Tomato Plant Growing Under Ideal Circumstance - Wikipedia

Weeding and Cultivating in Preparation for Mulching with Straw
Adding Strawberries to No Til Area
Mechanical Pest Control

Handpicking Colorado Potato Beetles

Raised Bed Production

New Raised Bed visible in the background.  Took home some radishes and lettuce.

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