Monday, April 28, 2014

Take A Load Off at the Holding Area

Carol Kagan and Krista Cowan
Among the over 1,500 plants in the Master Gardener Holding Area, is a newly painted bench. Lots of work happening in that area - potting up plants, cleaning containers, and more.


Thanks to Apprentice Master Gardeners Krista Cowan and Walter Wray, the old wooden bench was cleaned, painted and placed at the Holding Area. I used it yesterday after standing and potting up herbs into clay herb pots.

So, what's in the holding area and in the greenhouse next door? Plants, plants and more plants for the Master Gardener Plant Sales:

Greenhouse Plant Sale: Fri, May 9 10 am - 2 pm
Annual Plant Sale: Sat., May 17 9 am - 1 pm

Balck-eyed Susan Vine 'African Sunset'
These sales offer plants that are not usually found at local garden centers or nurseries. Featured this are antique heirloom annuals such as cup and saucer flower and African Sunset colored black-eyed Susan vine. Heirloom tomatoes are featured as well as a selection of herbs from cinnamon and purple basil to the sweet leaf stevia plant and clary sage.
The Holding Area has pots and pots of daylilies in a multitude of colors as well as ferns, hostas, and hardy begonias plus trees and shrubs.
Hardy Begonias are available but, sadly,
not in bloom. Buy one anyway.
Bring your box or tray to the Greenhouse Sale and your wagon or cart to the Plant Sale. You will find healthy plants at affordable prices.

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