Friday, April 11, 2014

And You Thought It Would Never Get Here!

Spring is springing all over, slowly but surely.  Which is okay with me - just recovering from some minor surgery so haven't been able to get out much.  But today was too nice to stay inside, so I inspected the progress toward that inevitable time when my estate will demand a lot more of my time.

There is lots to see, so get out and start looking around - I find these tiny buds and blooms even more interesting than the leafed-out plant.

First off, the rose by the front door decided to go green in the past two days:

Rose - Apr 11

Then we have my elm tree, that is rather anxious to show you some leaves pretty soon:
Liberty elm - Apr 11

The forsythia, as could be expected, is all ready to burst into its yellow extravaganza:

Forsythia - Apr 11

I have lots of different viburnums (viburnae?), but this is the most interesting bud I saw:

Mohawk viburnum - Apr 11
My weeping Katsura is enjoying its place in the sun:

Weeping Katsura - Apr 11

The sedum, with its warm spot next to the brick wall, seems to be further along than most things:

Sedum - Apr 11

The cherry trees are getting ready to get all pink; my cherry blossom festival is a week or so away yet, I think:

Cherry - Apr 11

And last, but not least, my red maple is working very hard to get ahead of the rest of his fellow trees:

Red maple - Apr 11

My apologies to the purists who would like to see the latin names for all these, but I would rather you just enjoy the mysterious re-creation of all these plants in the spring!  To coin a phrase - What's in your garden?


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  2. Jerry,
    You posted what all of us are excited about - spring, renewal, rebirth and the promise that life goes on with beauty to be found.