Sunday, April 27, 2014

Herb Class: Starting an Herb Garden

The first of a series of three classes on herbs took place on Saturday, Apr 26th.  "Starting An Herb Garden" was presented in the clubhouse from 9:00 to 12:00, and was attended by 17 folks.

Last minute prep: Carol and Barb at work

Presenters Barb Petrucci, Carol Kagan and Linda Secrist did a great job, with lots of questions and comments from the attendees.  The class was divided into several sections, covering just about anything you would want to know about starting your own herb garden.

First, we started with a short walk down history-lane with the traditions and uses of herbs from early times to the present.  Second, we enjoyed a quick overview of the variety and scope of herbs, and how we can use them in our gardens.  Next, we talked about the mechanics of growing herbs: water, sunlight, soil conditions, planting alternatives.

Class in session

Despite the lack of cooperation of spring this year, we toured the Herb Demonstration Garden and tried to envision what it will look like once things actually get around to growing :-)…and enjoyed some herb-y snacks - lavender pretzels, herb spreads and butters, and spearmint tea.

Herbs all lined up and ready for inspection!

Our hands-on session allowed everyone to see, touch, smell and even taste some of the many herbs available.  It was an enjoyable and information-filled session for all.  Our evaluation form asks the attendee what they will do differently because of the class.  The one comment I heard was "I will plant my mint in a pot" - congratulations presenters: sounds like you did a good job!

Two more sessions are planned.  Saturday, July 19 ("Using Your Herbs") is a hands-on workshop in the Ag Building kitchen.  You will be able to pick herbs from the herb demonstration garden, and use them in a variety of recipes and ways.  Enrollment is limited by space so don't put off requesting your place.  Saturday, October 18 ("Harvesting and Preserving Herbs") will be the final workshop in the Clubhouse and will give you ideas and answer your questions about getting ready for cold weather and using your herbs.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. Thanks, Jerry, for this report. It was a truly fun workshop with good questions and lots of help from you and our attendees with answers.