Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bird Sanctuary and Starting Seeds

More from Emmalee, our 4-H Garden Club blogger.
Bird Sanctuary (Emmalee)
Here’s a picture of our failed garden. Last year we turned the garden into a bird sanctuary. As you can see from the picture the stuff that’s growing on the right side of the bird sanctuary is smaller than the other side because the right side is closer to the black walnut tree.

After doing my sunlight test I have new location for my garden. I don’t have that dug yet but we’ll be doing that soon. We purchased a walk-up greenhouse and we put it together on Saturday.
Seeds planted in plastic cups (Emmalee)
I planted the seeds of 10 varieties of vegetables and also planted 10 varieties of flowers. I used plastic cups and poked holes in the bottom. Here’s a picture of the greenhouse.
Greenhouse (Emmalee)
When I checked it later that evening it was very moist and hot. Today is day three and nothing has germinated or sprouted yet.

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  1. Miss Emmalee,
    This is a good posting. Great job.
    Miss Carol