Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Beauty of Pollination

MG Mary Crooks sent me a link to this wonderful video by director and cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. Here's his Wikipedia page, and Personal Biography.

You can view more of his work via his Video Website, Moving Art.

Learn more about Pollination by visiting our Pollinator Friendly Demonstration Garden or attending one of our annual workshops on the subject.  Penn State Extension also has created a Pollinator Friendly Certification Process where you can join an ever-growing number of people who have taken the steps to certify their landscapes as "Pollinator Friendly" and help to protect our pollinator friends in need.

There are lots of great pictures and information about pollinators elsewhere on the blog from Jenn Wetzel and Laurie Collins, our Pollinator Friendly Demonstration Garden MG Team Captain, that you can view by clicking on the links below:

What's in Bloom - June 2012, Pollinator Garden
Look What's Blooming - July 2011
What's Blooming - August 2011
The Last Hoo-Ra - September 2010
Uncommonly Beautiful Milkweek
Titillating Tithonia

Here are all our posts on butterflies, including a great series by MG Kathy Engle on "Gardens with Wings."

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