Friday, March 1, 2013

Corn on Deck - Container Sweet Corn

Okay, I'm not promoting Burpee but when I saw this - well, I had to share. I like the PA corn from the market so I'm not going to try this. The information below is right from their Website.

Corn, On Deck Hybrid

The first-ever sweet corn you can grow in a container.
Burpee Exclusive

An now on deck ... sweet corn! Ever so tasty breakthrough bicolor bariety is perfectly sized - 4-5' tall-to spend the summer on you deck, patio or terrace, adding vertical interest as well as producing two to three delicious 7-8" long ears per stalk. This first-ever container-ready corn is a revolution-one you can enjoy from the comfort of your patio.

Simply plant 9 seeds per 24" container and get ready to harvest in about 2 months! Supersweet (Sh2). Special notice: Due to unprecented customer demand our seed supplies are running very low. To ensure every interested gardener can buy a packet we have reduced the seed per pack to 30 seeds and reduced the price to $3.95.

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  1. I had the same reaction when I saw "container peas" - probably not something I'm going to try, since I have plenty of space in my garden for peas, but way cool that those who don't, can give it a try on their apartment balconies, or decks:

    Oliver Douglas would be very interested if he hadn't moved to Hooterville. Maybe that should be Lisa Douglas would be interested.