Saturday, July 16, 2011

Look What's Blooming in the Demonstration Gardens, July 13

Introducing a new feature to the blog - What's Happening in the Franklin County Demonstration Gardens.    These are gardens and demonstration plots available to the public to peruse and learn about various horticulture topics.  They include an Herb Garden, Perennial Garden, Pollinator Friendly Garden, Woodland Meadow Native Habitat Garden and The Victory Garden.  These gardens function as learning classrooms for various workshops and classes, as well as outdoor laboratories for research and variety trials.  The public is welcome to come and take a look, get ideas, and take literature from the mailboxes, but please remember to just look and take notes, or just enjoy.  Please do not pick or take samples, since that will detract from others' enjoyment or learning experience.  The pictures below have links to further information about the specimen.

All the gardens referenced above are located at the Penn State Extension campus at 181 Franklin Farm Lane across the street from the stone building office.

We hope to make this a regular feature of the blog, so we can do year to year comparisons.


The Pollinator and Herb gardens are filled 
with color and texture.

Heliopsis helianthoides

Oenothera, Lemon Drop

Heliopsis, Phlox Paniculata (unknown), Consolida ambigua Larkspur

Lathyrus odoratus

Acanthus Mollis, Leucanthemum
Agastache Blue Fortune

Origanum Vulgare
Meanwhile the Wildlife Garden puts on . . .
. . . a berry, berry nice show.

Linaria vulgaris
(Yellow Toadflax - Be Careful of this one - it is often considered weedy)

 And garden-fresh veggies get ripe for the picking.

A salad in the making.

Tomatoes All in a Row

Green Peppers

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