Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hatching Part 2 - Guineas Part 4

The Final 11

Hatch completed Thursday evening (6/30). We have 11 healthy looking keets. Not a very good hatch rate (less than 50%), but the good news is there was no need to euthanize any of them. Numbers 6 thru 9 were born Wednesday afternoon.

#10 All Day Pipping
#10 took forever - pipping started Wednesday evening, continued all day Thursday, finally emerging around 4:00 p.m. Last one arrived just before midnight on Thursday. The rest of the eggs showed no signs of life. We left them in the incubator all day Friday, just in case, but nothing. So, we shut down the incubator, saved the unhatched eggs for Barbara and Karen to view, analyze, and diagnose what may have gone wrong.  

First 9 Huddled for a Nap
'Gimpy' - #4 Seen at the Top Left, Spraddled
#4 referenced below (unhelpfully dubbed 'Gimpy' by my 19 YO nephew, Tyler - which of course has stuck - so much for my poetic pretensions on naming) has joined the group as an equal after some prosthetic help by me and Tyler. Turns out he/she had a not uncommon condition called "Spraddle Legs." Fixable via bandaid. Here's how. Two others had lesser degrees of the condition, so we treated them as well. According to the site, the condition should correct itself by the time the adhesive wears away.

Unlucky 13

Who Dat?

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