Monday, September 13, 2010

The Last Hoo-Ra!

I always feel a little sad this time of year when I go out to the Pollinator Garden.

I can see a difference in the behaviour of all the pollinators

When the Sedum starts blooming, I know I'm seeing the final weeks of the bumble bees.

And butterflies.
The Hummingbirds will be making their migration soon.
The bees are moving slower.  And everybody's sharing flowers.

For the past two years, the Digger Wasps have shown up in September to 
do whatever it is they do each year on the Giant Chives and Sedum.

This year, they brought a friend.

I suppose the word is spreading about late season treats that grow here.

I know when the sunflowers have grown tall.....

and the Asters are beginning to bloom.....

and last year's pumpkin seed has given birth....

I will soon have to say goodbye to my little friends.

But I'm sure glad they have a place to come for one last Hoo-Ra!

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