Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Autumn Stroll

This Sunday, September 19th from 12:00 to 5:00PM, come and enjoy a tour of 10 gardens in the Chambersburg area.

“This year's offerings represent a well-rounded display of visually appealing gardens that showcase varying aspects of gardening and landscape design,” explains tour coordinator Georgena Ruth.  “You’ll see sun and shade gardens as well as simple and complex landscape structures.  Watch for new insights into companion planting, turf management, and garden accenting.  There's plenty to see!”

In my Backyard Habitat I have trees and shrubs that produce berries, a fountain for water, evergreens for shelter and a brush pile for cover,” explains Nancy Miller.  “I also have several bird feeders that provide food for birds and squirrels and a small dish to provide water for toads.  But another benefit is the enjoyment we experience viewing wildlife in a natural setting. It doesn't get any better that that!”

“The design of our landscape was created with an emphasis on water staying on the property,” explains Nancy Redington. “We had leach beds constructed to handle the water from the gutters. They’re under all the gardens, and the water flows from one level to the next through pipes and gravity. We also have a fish pond that is a perfect eco-system: we never feed nor add any chemicals.”

The Redington garden is also notable for its many roses.
"Although some may consider roses high maintenance, spraying is done just for fungus. Our sod has effectively been treated with Milky Spore Disease to protect it from Japanese Beetles. And the trees and garden placement have been designed to allow maximum air circulation to minimize fungal problems. Even though there is a heavy concentration of roses, the other types of plant material have been chosen to give diversity and health to the landscape.”

“Our ultimate plan for the garden was to have something blooming from early March with crocus and daffodils, through November when the last Rose blooms,”
Tickets for "An Autumn Stroll" are $10 apiece, with proceeds to go toward the educational programs presented by the Master Gardeners. Day-of-Tour tickets will be available at the Redington Garden at 347 Leedy Way East, Chambersburg, 17202. To purchase tickets in advance, or for more information concerning the Master Gardeners’ “Autumn Stroll”, call the Penn State Cooperative Extension office at 717-263-9226.

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