Saturday, October 6, 2012

Victory Garden 2012 Log - September 17

Intrepid Gardeners
Our last day.  Lots of cleanup.  Sweet Potato Harvest.  Some Turnips.  Winter prep.  Final harvest.

Diggin' the Sweet Potatoes
Harvesting Turnips

Puerto Rico Sweet Potato
Cleaning up the Sweet Potato Vines
Cleaning up the Raised Beds
Readying No-Till Area for Cover Crop

Annual Winter Rye for Cover Crop
Tilling the Rest of the Garden Space before Sowing the Cover Crop
Our Final Harvest

Except for some Broccoli we left
Nice and Neat and Ready for the 2013 Season
Many thanks to Georgia Townsend who made this series possible, taking pictures and reporting on the session's activities.  Plans underway to expand part of the garden to include some perennial vegetables, perhaps some small fruit crops - brambles and strawberries and add an overwintering section for early spring harvest.  Congratulations Victory Garden Team for a very successful season!

Broccoli Heads Forming
UPDATE: 10/9/2012 - I took some pictures today of what the garden looks like.  Cover crop sprouting and broccoli blooming.


Cover Crop Sprouting
Cover Crop Sprouting
You can view the whole season by clicking here, and reading (in reverse chronological order) the entire 2012 log, plus any other posts tagged with the Victory Garden label.

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