Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Favorite Annuals

Susan Harris of the Garden Rant wants to know about your favorite annuals.  Here are mine, with some links to pictures elsewhere.

Annual favorites in my gardens and containers include:

1. Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines
2. Ornamental Millets (Pennisetum - Jade Princess, Vertigo and Purple Majesty)  Some background here.
3. Castor Bean Plant  (introduced to me by Bill Dorman and  Wicked Plants)
4. Four O'clocks - Mirabilis jalapa
5. Red and Blue Salvias
6. Japanese Ornamental Corn
7. New this year - Salpiglossis
8. Will try next year - Harmony Strike series of New Guinea Impatiens
University of Georgia Annual Trials.  Penn State Extension Annual Trials. 2009. 2010.

 Kathy Engle's Garden.

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