Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Loading the Larder 1 - Pickled Peppers

Colored Bell, Fish, Hinkel Hatz, Zavory, Black Pearl
 Red Habanero Peppers

I took advantage of the time the storm provided holed up at home to put up some peppers, and get some end of season chores done. 

Steve Bogash brought the bell peppers from the High Tunnel Colored Pepper Trials at Landisville to share with us late last week.  The green one is from my garden, picked just before the storm hit.

Here's the process.
Prepped Peppers Soaking in Salt Solution

Checking the Recipe (Cross Checked for Safety)


Additional Ingredients - Hardneck Garden Garlic
Garlic Peeled and Prepped

Non-Reactive Pan for Heating Vinegar/Salt Solution

Water Bath Cannner

Pickled Peppers in Pantry

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