Friday, September 9, 2011

Unusual Plants

Rouge d'Alger Cardoon
Angela Weathers sends these pictures of some unusual plants that she grew this year.  Be sure to come to the Fall Garden Tour on Sunday the 18th to see these up close and personal.

Angela started these from seeds this spring.  All came from the Baker Creek Seed Company.

Cardoon, an old, heirloom vegetable plant, is also being grown at the John Brown House, and the Four Square Garden at Renfrew.  We purchased our seeds from

Speaking of the Four Square Garden, Dr. Doris Goldman's home garden is also on the Fall Garden Tour this year.

Sunrise Serenade 'Double' Morning Glories
Goyo Kumbo Eggplant
The Goyo Kumbo eggplant above looks very similar to the "Pumpkin on a Stick" eggplant that I grow each year for use in dry arrangements, or as garnishes during the Halloween - Thanksgiving season.  You'll be able to see these in one of my container plantings on the front steps.  I start a flat of these every year for the plant sale from seeds that I save year to year.  The difference is the color, apparently, otherwise they look very similar.  Goyo Kumbo is red, while the Pumpkin on a Stick is, of course, orange.

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