Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming Out - Guineas Part 9

The keets made their way out of the coop and started their life, home on the free range, Sunday 9/18 during the garden tour.

It was a little difficult to round them up early to go back in the coop to roost, since I was headed to the after-tour party, and didn't trust that they'd just go back on their own.  Just a little new parent jitters to keep my charges safe, I suppose.

The folks taking the tour seemed to enjoy them. 

Joining the Chickens Inside the Fence

First Intrepid Hen (she was "Buck-Wheating")
Outside the Enclosure

Soon Others Joined Her
 Hope it's in time to reduce the number of overwintering stink bugs.

Interesting tidbit of trivia for you.  Someone (forgot who) asked me yesterday what the collective noun for a group of guinea fowl is.  I didn't know, but we did talk about one of the cool ones - a murder of crows. 

According to Wikpedia, the collective noun for a group of guinea fowl is a rasp.  Other fun ones, just from the birds: a parliament of owls, an ostentation of peacocks, a charm of goldfinches, a murmuration of starlings, and an Exaltation of Larks.

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