Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roosting - Guineas Part 8

Since their release from the dog crate, the keets took over the rafters of the playhouse, now coop.  I kept them confined in the coop for the requisite 6 weeks, and now have left the door open during the day to allow for exploration of the wider world, and to free range.  Except, it's been a week now, and they seem to prefer the rafters inside.  I hope it's because of the rain.

One intrepid feller did venture out during the rain yesterday, according to my partner, Bob, but we didn't get a picture. 

I moved their water down to chicken level and stopped feeding them their separate high protein pellets.  They now get to share the chicken fodder, or, with luck, seek greener pastures outside and over the fence.

I haven't been able to determine their genders yet, individually, but I have heard the two-syllable "Buck-Wheat" that only the females can make.  Males can only make the one syllable "Chee" sound, but the females can make both, and will imitate the male sound as a warning. 

Go here to listen to recorded sounds from Guineas, distinguishing male from female, and the soothing coo-cooing sound when happily eating their white millet treat.

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