Monday, August 31, 2009

Tomato Day Tally

It's a race, now. A couple of new entries in the top 10: Burpee's Sweet Seedless and Black Velvet. Linda S. has entered a bunch of score sheets to bring the count to 100. Still have 116 more to enter. Anyone wanting to come in and help with the data entry is welcome!


Y Brandy Boy 401.50
H Mountain Magic 373.50
W Blosser Pink 372.50
A Grandma’s Garden 370.00
ZG Paul Robeson 362.00
ZC Sweet Seedless 345.50
U Black Brandywine 334.00
F Napa Grape 332.00
I Cabernet Hybrid 329.50
M Black Velvet 326.50


L BHN876 384.50
H Mountain Magic 383.50
W Blosser Pink 382.50
D Super Bush 379.50
P Sweet Mojo 376.00
V Fletcher 374.50
I Cabernet Hybrid 374.00
Y Brandy Boy 373.00
J Solid Gold 369.50
T Ramapo 368.50

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