Friday, August 28, 2009

Tomato Day Coverage

Mayor and Mrs. Pete Lagiovane of Chambersburg

Linda F. and grandaughters Nyehma and Courtney

Elinor B. of Chambersburg

Thanks to Anne F. for those.

The Waynesboro Record Herald has an on-line photo album and coverage on their front page.

Evelyn S. gets quoted at the Punk Rock Garden Blog.

I've been in touch with George Weigel at the Patriot News. His column's deadline is early Monday morning, so final results will not be included. In the meantime, check out his Q&A Blog added to the sidebar. His latest entry quotes our own Steve B. and answers a question about tomatoes and containers. I love his hat. Gotta get me one of those.

After tallying 41 of the 216 score sheets, here are the top 10 or so in taste and aesthetics:


Letter Variety Total
Y Brandy Boy 160.00
W Blosser Pink 155.50
A Grandma’s 152.00
U Black Brandywine 148.00
P Sweet Mojo 144.00
ZA Pineapple 141.50
I Cabernet 140.00
ZG Paul Robeson 140.00
H Mountain Magic 138.00
F Napa Grape 137.50
J Solid Gold 131.50


W Blosser Pink 160.50
Y Brandy Boy 156.00
I Cabernet Hybrid 155.50
L BHN 876 154.50
P Sweet Mojo 152.50
H Mountain Magic 152.00
D Super Bush 151.50
V Fletcher 149.50
A Grandma’s Garden 147.50
J Solid Gold 145.00

Pink Beefsteaks just ahead of the Black Beefsteaks and one Bicolor Beefsteak, with Grape and Cherry varieties in striking range. I'll post results as tallying gets done. Anne F. promises more pictures, too.

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