Friday, August 28, 2009

Pollinator Garden Attracts Pollinator

Hey - this stuff really works! Laurie C. sends in a picture of a monarch caterpillar on the butterfly weed in our pollinator garden.

Remember the Pollinator class coming up - Saturday, September 19th, 10:00 to Noon out at the clubhouse and gardens.


  1. How about posting info on how to get our pollinator gardens certified? Would love to be certified this spring!

  2. A timely question! The state MG coordinator, Ginger P. is working with our own Alex S. on a program to certify "Pollinator Friendly" gardens here in Pennsylvania. I'll create a post on that when I have more information on the program. In the meantime, the Monarch Waystation program has a certification process described here:

    The only other certified program that I'm aware of, is provided by the National Wildlife Federation for "Backyard Habitat" for all wildlife, including pollinators. That program is described here:

    Stay tuned for more information about Penn State's program.