Friday, August 7, 2009

MG Happenings

Tomato Day. Linda W. is gathering names to help out with Tomato Day. Denise L. is looking for help with feeding the hordes (that’s we MG’s). Contact them with your offers to help, or Linda H. or Linda S. at the office.

In the meantime, a bunch of us elite, snobby, tomato connoisseurs are meeting weekly to preliminarily sample some of the varieties to help Steve B. whittle down the selection for Tomato Day. Including the container trial varieties, there are 64 different varieties available. We think 30 is the maximum that the public can handle, so that’s our goal.

Steve also wants written comments about each one that we taste – a subjective evaluation that he will review when he writes up his report at the end of the season, so we’ll continue meeting until the trials are over. We need a better vocabulary, though. I’m not sure Steve will get much out my comment “not very tomatoey”. Sweet? Fruity? Tangy? Salty? How about texture? Heavy? Watery? Squishy? Too firm? Not firm enough? Thick walled? Thick skinned? Mild? Strong? Full-bodied? Robust? I know what I like in tomato flavor, but I’m having a hard time describing it. Help us out. Add your suggestions to the comment box.

Also, Jane K. gives a shout out "Thanks" to all who helped get the water feature up and running in the wildlife area. The hard part is done. Still some landscaping to do. I’ll post some pictures when it’s closer to completion.

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  1. Angela and Donn send these to share:

    Flavor is an intricate and harmonious combination of sweet and tangy
    Lip smacking flavor, starts out sweet and ends with the perfect amount of tang
    The fruit starts out sweet and develops a full, tomato flavor complemented with just the right amount of tang.
    Wonderfully sweet with slightly acid flavor
    Mellow sweet flavor with just a hint of acidity
    Rich and balanced flavor
    Sweet tomato with just the right amount of acid flavor
    Refreshing with just the right amount of acid flavor
    Mildly flavored with a little acidity
    Full flavor and crisp texture
    Delicious balanced acidic flavor and meaty flesh
    Delicious rich tomato taste
    Very rich, loud and distinctively spicy (Brandywine)
    Mild non-acid taste and creamy texture
    Rich fruity tomato flavor
    Chewy texture sweet taste and few seeds