Monday, December 29, 2014

Revisit Winter Blogs of Interest

by Carol Kagan, Master Gardener

Here are some links to past blogs that may be of interest, especially the one about de-icers. We are fast approaching a day when we will have to deal with ice - either at home or work.

Also be sure to check out our upcoming workshops and classes. January programs are taking registrations now. Call 263-9226.  E-mail and be added to our monthly notification of upcoming programs and events.

Check out these previous BLOGS for interesting and useful information. Most have additional links with even more information.

Winter Weather and Deicers
Salt Tolerant Gardens
Poinsettia Season
Poor Poinsettias

Landscaping for Fours Seasons of Interest

Plants for Winter Interest- Many plants in Iris Masters' yard showoff in the winter landscape (Crape myrtle, magnolia, oregon grape, birch trees, nandina, cypress, Japanese Andromeda).

Japanese Andromeda

The following blogs are part of a continuing series highlighting plants with winter interest. These are plants chosen by our Master Gardeners to provide color or interesting shapes during the winter season.

Winter Interest Pt. 1- Partridge Berry
Winter Interest Pt. 2- Snowdrops
Winter Interest Pt. 3-Stinking Hellebore
Winter Interest Pt. 4-Rattlesnake Plant
Winter Interest Pt. 5-Lavender
Winter Interest Pt. 6-Witch Hazel
Winter Interest Pt. 7-Paperbark Maple
Winter Interest Pt. 8-Teaberry
Winter Interest Pt. 9-Harry Lauder Walking Stick
Winter Interest Pt. 10-Coral Embers Willow
Coral Embers Willow in the Winter Landscape
Winter Interest Pt. 11-Corkscrew Willow
Winter Interest Pt. 12-River Birch
Ascot Rainbow’ Spurge - A Year-round Delight
Whimsical Winter Wonderland

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