Monday, December 29, 2014

January Workshops are Popular - Register Now!

by Carol Kagan, Master Gardener

This year as a Penn State Master Gardener I was on the Class and Workshop Committee. We have amazing programs lined up for 2015 almost all for just $10. To get on our e-mailing list send your address to Please feel free to share with your FaceBook and IRL friends, too.

Registrations are coming in for the January workshops and classes. All are held at the Ag Heritage Center, 181 Franklin Farm Rd, Chambersburg.  Register NOW and avoid the disappointment of a full class. Call 263-9226 to register.

This year "For the Birds" is adding an extra feature of a Make and Take bird feeder. This is a Family Friendly program and the cost if $10/1 adult & child or $15/family. Make sure to let them know when you register how many will attend so we have enough supplies.


Next up is "Winter Sowing," another Make and Take workshop. Astound your neighbors and friends when you start seeds in mid-winter and have an early harvest of tomatoes. This method of winter sowing eliminates the need for elaborate indoor set-ups and work. For only $10 you can create a seed starter to take home and the knowledge to make 20 more! This is not only a fun project but a good strategy for home gardeners.


The "Miniature 'Fairy' Gardens" class will teach the basics about these indoor or outdoor landscapes. Last year's class had a number of children interested in these fun projects. These gardens can by any world you want - from fairy gardens to "gnome homes," to Hobbit landscapes. Come and learn the basics and get a head start on the February Make and Take Workshop. This is very popular so register now.


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