Monday, April 8, 2013

Greenhouse Team - 2013 Season

Matching Boots

The Greenhouse team started the 2013 Greenhouse efforts on Tuesday, March 26th, with some basic sanitation, and rules from Extension Educator Steve Bogash, and then jumped right in for the next three days starting our seeds for Renfrew, Tomato Day, our Plant Sale, and Herb Garden.

On Monday, April 1, Jessica and Juanita Kauffman potted up the previously started demo flats for the seed starting class, the March vegetable garden class, and fall-rescued roots of ornamental sweet potato.

By the end of the week, sprouted seed cells were thinned and watering volunteers for weekend duty identified.

We're well on our way!
Here's the team.

From left to right. Bill Dorman, Ray Eckhart, Steve Bogash, Juanita Kauffman, Jessica Kauffman, Tom Reeder, Abby Kauffman, and Will Brandenburg. Not pictured, Mary Crooks and Donna Berard.

Juanita, Bill, and Tom sow seeds

On heat mats, awaiting germination.

Donna joined us on Wednesday, March 28th.

Steve's research assistant, Will Brandenburg working on the pepper and tomato trials seeding.


  1. Who say gardeners are not trendy people! Look at those beautiful boots! I love it!


  2. Hi, Rose. Thanks for stopping by. We had fun with the boots, and having fun is one of the rewards of working with Master Gardeners. Cheers!