Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back Atcha, Bud - Whassup?

Flowering Quince Chaenomeles speciosa

Jerry's post below inspired me to go and take pictures of things budding in my landscape.  Here they are.

Click on the links at the picture captions for more information about the specimen.

Flowering Quince Chaenomeles speciosa

Dwarf Korean Lilac - Syringa meyeri

Pink Dogwood - Cornus florida rubra
I think - it was here, and pretty old when we moved in in 1997,
with no provenance.

Redbud - Cercis canadensis - More here.

'Betty' Magnolia more detail here.

'Betty' Magnolia more detail here.

Flowering Quince - One Week Later

Flowering Quince - One Week Later

Betty's Buds Blooming - One Week Later
Update: Sunday, April 21, 2013 - added the last three pictures to show what a difference a week makes.


  1. My quince isn't out at all (but it doesn't get much sun) - yours is beautiful and I really like the magnolia - post more when it blooms...
    and whassup is SPRING...I'm already sore.

  2. Thanks, Jerry. The quince is a dug-up naturally layered offspring of a totally unkempt mess of various shrubs and weeds behind a utility pole. I moved it about 3 years ago. Gave me fruit last year, that I used as a pectin source for some jams (black raspberry and blackberry.) This is the first picture on the blog, so I'll try to remember to take more later in the season.

    Betty the magnolia was featured last year here and here.

    Given the date of the first Betty post, it appears we're about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks behind 2012.