Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Renfrew Earth Day

Penn State Extension Master Gardeners, and other Franklin County organizations participated in the 2013 Earth Day celebration at Renfrew Museum and Park on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

MG Coordinator, Linda Secrist at the Display Booth

The display was based on Drought Tolerant Gardening, or Xeriscaping, using MG Donna Berard's research and her gardens.

Close up
MG Diane Keeney and I were there, helping out.

MG Diane Keeney and Itron

Franklin County Extension Alumnus, and recent addition to my family, Itron, was there to help out, too!

Watershed Groups
Local watershed groups were also there, ably assisted by the Franklin County Conservation District's Donna Hays

Donna Hays Catches Some Rays

Franklin County Planning Commission Booth
Sherri Clayton, with some Itron friends had a booth.

Herbs for Sale

More Herbs for Sale

MG Rebecca Keller
Other MG's stopped by - Dave DesJardens, and Rebecca Keller with part of her family.

And Rebecca's Husband, Commissioner Dave Keller with the rest of the Keller clan
A fun and educational event, on a beautiful Spring day!

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