Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thoughts and Meditations on Gardening - 3

From her Wikipedia Page

Jenny Uglow  is a British biographer, critic and publisher. The editorial director of Chatto & Windus, she has written critically acclaimed biographies of Elizabeth Gaskell, William Hogarth, Thomas Bewick and the Lunar Society, among others, and has also compiled a women's biographical dictionary.
She won the 2002 James Tait Black Memorial Prize and the 2003 Hessell-Tiltman Prize for The Lunar Men: The Friends who Made the Future 1730–1810, and her works have twice been shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize. As of 2013, she is President of the Alliance of Literary Societies.
In this Guardian article of favorite new books for the year 2002, one literary critic wrote of The Lunar Men:
Jenny Uglow's The Lunar Men (Faber) is the best new book I've read this year - full of unexpected information, amazing characters and the real sense that scientific curiosity is as exciting as any "artistic" pursuit. The orderly niceties of 18th-century polite society never interested me - but here is raw energy, commercial, intellectual, pig-headed, far-sighted.
Far sighted indeed.  Here's some recent research that supports the quote above, including links to studies showing various roles of plants and landscapes in human health and well-being.

Here's another one by the USDA Forest Service showing a correlation (not necessarily causation) on the links between trees and human health.

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