Friday, February 1, 2013

2012 Harvest 4-Health in Pictures

Fall, 2011

Green Tomato - How Cool is That?
Maybe not so Cool
MG Bill Dorman and Fall Scallions
Fresh Fall Radishes
Spring 2012

MG Janet Sharp Shows How to Pot Up the Tomato Seedlings the Class Started a few Weeks Earlier
They get the Hang of it
And Get to Take Them Home
Weeding is Lots of Fun!

Maybe not for Everyone

Peppers are in!

Squash, Cukes and Zukes

And the Tomatoes
Radishes Coming Up

Now Grow!

June, 2012

We Have Strawberries!
Look for Them Under the Leaves
Things HAVE Grown
Let's Plant Some Seeds for Fall
Carefully Place your Seeds
I Can Do It!
We All Can!
What the Heck is a 'Stolon'?
It's the Runner from the Mother Plant that Will Give Us Strawberries Next Year
Gotta Keep Weeding
We Dug up Some Fingerling Potatoes
September, 2012

Sampling Day - Taste What Was Grown
(Supplemented from MG Gardens)

MG Ruth Coe (And Professional Reading Teacher)
Fills in on a Rainy Day

Meanwhile, inspired by The Green Apple Day Day of Service, teachers, volunteers, and parents at Ben Chambers Elementary School, took on the challenge of cleaning up an abandoned garden for a 2013 planting:



Mrs. Thomas’s 3rd grade, pictured here with Barbara Aldrich from PSU Extension 4-H, Katie Kough and WWC from Wilson College, and some classroom moms, plan to use and maintain the garden for various projects and inspiration going forward…along with any of the classes at Ben Chambers. The strawberry patch was retained and the other 3 beds will be replanted with ????????? (They have ideas!)
Many thanks go to Barbara Aldrich, long time Penn State Extension 4-H Educator here in Franklin County, who went on to greener pastures at the U.S.D.A's Farm Service Agency in October, 2012.

Congratulations to the whole team:  Bill Dorman, Janet Sharp, Ruth Coe, Ray Eckhart, Charlie White, and Mike Kusko, with some side help from Sylvia Kremp and Colleen Johnson.

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