Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Via Garden Professor Bert Cregg of Michigan State, here's another (cleverly named) Blog (Co-Horts) by the Extension Professors and Educators at Colorado State University.  I've added a link to their blog to the the list at the right.  From their first post:
We are trying something new. Well, new to us anyway (hello 21st century!). A group of horticulture agents and campus Specialists across Colorado are blogging to bring you new, timely and interesting horticultural information from Colorado State University and the local Extension Offices. This blog will hopefully benefit those with an interest in the many facets of Colorado gardening—because we know it isn't easy to have success in our sunny state. We know this because we flounder as much (or more often) as you do. The great thing is that every plant we kill, every cultivar we grow without success, every mistake we make, helps you. At least we like to think it does...

We plan to debunk myths, bring you the latest research-based information from our land grant university, give detail about specific interest areas, and explain why we have certain recommendations, all while having a little fun doing it.
Go read the whole thing.  Of course there are many differences between Colorado growing conditions and ours, but many similarities, as well.  Great to see a Turf Specialist on tap, too.  We're down to relying on only a couple state-wide here in Penn State Extension, so it will be great to have a source for timely information.  Not so sure about this Alison person, though.  Someone who refuses to eat Tomatoes is suspect in my eyes ...

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