Thursday, January 17, 2013

4-H Robotics Club of Franklin County

Looking for a great way to promote your business? The 4-H Robotics Club is putting together a Sponsor Book to help cover costs for their educational programs and competitions throughout the year. The book will be handed out to the public at 4-H Robotics Events including ChamberFest, Franklin County Fair, and many others. Sponsors may submit a 1/4 Page Ad for $10.00, a 1/2 Page Ad for $20.00, 3/4 Page Ad for $30.00, or a Full Page Ad for $40.00. You may also be listed as a Robotics Friend for $5.00, which would just include your name or business name. FOr more information about becoming a sponsor, please call 717-263-9226 and speak with Jason Goetz or email him at

The Summer/Fall issue of the Penn State Ag Science Magazine has a cover story on Robot Dreams, where you can read about 4-H Robotic Clubs efforts across the state.  
The connection between 4-H and robotics might not be instantly apparent. “Robots aren’t warm and fuzzy, and you don’t sell them in a sale,” said Patty Anderson, Penn State extension educator for 4-H youth development and science curriculum.

But it doesn’t take Anderson long to make a case for robotics being an exciting way to introduce engineering to a generation that is hooked on computers, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment. “Our kids are in an environment where things are changing faster than ever because technology is taking us there,” she says. “They have no fear of technology,” she says. “They’re the ones embracing it. They’re the consumers that the apps are being driven for. And if they don’t get what they want, they make it.” In other words, their comfort level with technology primes the pump for an interest in engineering.

As a way to address what 4-H leaders see as a declining trend in the nation’s science, engineering, mathematics, and technology workforce, the organization has set its sights on engaging one million young people in science by the year 2013.
Here's a way to support our own Franklin County club.

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