Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Victory Garden 2012 Log - May 14

MG Gary Ankney
Since it was raining hard, week 4 again found us in the Master Gardener Club House.  Gary Ankney discussed vertical gardening, the practice of growing up, not out, for more vegetables in less space.  A good source for this is Derek Fell's book, Vertical Gardening.  Here is an article from Organic Gardening magazine that shows how to build a bamboo obelisk as a support structure.

The next three pictures are from Gary's summer garden, copied with permission from his Facebook page.

Melon growing on a Trellis

Tomato Cages (one inverted onto the other) supporting
a winter squash vine

Gary's favorite support structure is made of two tomato cages (the ones that are virtually useless for tomatoes) - one inverted onto the other - to build a support trellis for squash, melons and cucumbers.

Cukes in the Background - Winter Squash in the Foreground
Gary also discussed crop rotation, to grow specific groups of vegetables so they don't return to the same spot for at least three years. This practice helps control pests and diseases, control weeds, and enhances soil fertility and structure.

MG Linda Horst

Since it was still raining, Linda Horst demonstrated container vegetable gardening; containers, potting mixes, planting, fertilizers, and watering.  More fact sheets on the subject here and here.

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