Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victory Garden 2012 Log - April 23 and 30th

Too Cold and Wet to go Outside on Opening Day
New feature, folks.  MG Georgia Townsend has agreed to take pictures and write up a brief summary of the topics covered in the weekly Victory Garden class that I will hopefully turn into a timely blog post here.  "Timely" is subject to interpretation and scheduling, but it should show up as a regular feature.

Week one, April 23rd.

About 25 eager gardeners met in the Master Gardner Clubhouse for our first Victory Garden session.  It was cold and rainy and no day to be out in the garden.  But we met everyone and discussed what we would be doing every Monday morning for the next several months.  Also had an opportunity to provide introductions and offer a brief explanation why we were there.

Week 2 - April 30th.

"No Till" Area
For the educational component, Fulton County Master Gardener Gary Ankney introduced the concept of "No Till" Gardening, following the recommendations of Dr. Lee Reich in his book "Weedless Gardening."  Here's a Mother Earth News article by Dr. Reich on the topic.  Much of this technique was pioneered by Ruth Stout, also known as "The Mulch Queen."

A section of the Victory Garden has been set aside this year to put into practice the "No Till" approach.

Raised Bed Prepped and Planted
Elsewhere, we put lettuce, herbs, beets, swiss chard, etc.  in the two raised beds, and the last of the onion sets and potatoes were planted and the rows were cultivated.  

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