Sunday, April 29, 2012

Micro Greens - Thinning Seedlings

Thinned Radish Seedlings
One of the more difficult things for me to do is thin a row of directly sown seeds.  It always struck me as wasteful, and contrary to my gardener's natural nurturing of plants instinct.  So I would either not do a very good job of it, which affected the crop, or I'd spend too much time painstakingly placing individual seeds the proper distance apart to avoid having to pull too many of them.  Then I learned that most seedlings of food crops are edible, and absolutely delicious.  Radish seedlings are particularly good, giving a nice "sprout-like" texture to top off a salad, and with that uniquely peppery radish flavor.  Carrots, peas, and beets are other examples of micro greens that make a nice addition to spring salads, and are available almost exclusively to home gardeners.

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