Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Slips

Fall Rescued Roots
Remember those Ornamental Sweet Potato roots I rescued last fall? I dug them from containers, cured them, wrapped them in newspaper, and stored them in the basement, with the hope of trying to propagate them this spring.  Hope became reality.

Set in Moist Potting Soil
With the help of fellow MG, Juanita Kauffman, they were placed in moist potting soil in the greenhouse in March, as we watched and waited for them to sprout.

First Slips Sprouting
It took about two weeks, and some of them never did anything, but the others kept sending out shoots, which I cut off and potted up.  Sweet Potato shoots are called slips.

Slips Forming

More Slips Forming

Potted Up Slips

Potted Up Slips

We'll have over 100 plants for the Plant Sale.

Kinda cool.

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