Saturday, August 4, 2012

Victory Garden 2012 Log - July 16

Sweet Onion - Super Star

Today was a day of sharing our own garden experiences at home. It was interesting to hear how different everyone's garden was.

Some had room for a large garden, some planted only in raised beds, some planted only in containers, and some planted wherever there was space around their home.

This was truly an experience for some who otherwise would not have been able to grow their own produce.

Training Pole Beans

We only had a couple of chores to do today; tying up the tomatoes and some weeding.

The harvesing goes on with cucumbers, beans, yellow and green squash, and everyone chose a white onion. We also had a nice visitor, a praying mantis. The no-till garden looks good and the corn is starting to set ears.

Insect Helper

Picking Cukes
Bush Bean Harvest
Tying Up Tomatoes

No Till Area Lookin' Fine

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