Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bob's Train Garden

Master Gardener, Bob Hyatt, along with his wife Janet hosted a lovely open house for Bob's Train Garden today.  They could not have ordered up a more beautiful day.  Bill Schoch who is the spouse of Master Gardener, Evelyn Schoch, brought his train along to add to the festivities.  Bill and Evelyn also have a beautiful Train Garden at their home.  It was a wonderful afternoon sitting under the shade of a Magnolia Tree, talking with friends and watching grown men's eyes sparkle like a young boys, and young boys eyes sparkle with the wonder of it all.  The following are some photos of what I saw.

Master Gardeners, Bob Hyatt and Elmer Greey.

From left to right:  Master Gardeners Sue Bowders and Evelyn Schoch, Bill Donaldson, Master Gardener Mary Donaldson, Janet Hyatt.

Bob and Janet manage to grow lovely and quite large Zinnias.

I believe this is a Tawny Emperor enjoying the Gaillardia.
I have exhausted my books and looked online and can't seem to quite hit it exactly.  If anyone would like to submit other suggestions, please feel free to do so.

This happens to be one of my favorite features in Bob's garden.
My rainbarrel now seems so inadequate.
I want one!

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  1. Thanks for the pics and post, Laurie. Sorry I missed the party.

    I think your butterfly ID is right, although it could be one of the other emperors. We can always waffle and just say Asterocampa spp and still sound real smart.