Thursday, July 5, 2012

Victory Garden 2012 Log - June 25


Fulton County MG Gary Ankney talked about critter control at the June 25th VG class.  He covered the different pests that could invade our gardens and the different methods of dealing with them; repellents, barriers, fences, traps, etc.

We had a few weeds to attend to but all in all the garden looks great. One of our members has been faithfully coming during the week to water and the effort has paid off. The squashes are forming and we should be picking them next week.

Weeding and Checking
 We were able to harvest some beets and swiss chard. The tomatoes needed to be tied up since they are getting taller. There seemed to be few insect pests to worry about, so no handpicking needed.

Yellow Zuke Getting Ready to Pick

Tying up Tomatoes

Harvesting Beets and Swiss Chard

Harvesting Beets and Swiss Chard (same plant, botanically - Beta vulgaris, just a different cultivar of the same species)

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