Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Fresh from the Oven
Brined Turkey done this way.

Braised Turnips
Turnips from Bill Dorman after final harvesting from the Harvest 4-Health garden.

Green Beans
Green Beans blanched, seasoned and then warmed in olive oil and garlic.
Mashed Potatoes
Standard mashed potatoes - I leave the skins on.

Cooked in the bird.  Sorry, food safety folks.

Cranberry Sauce
Whole berry, of course.  Thanks, Ocean Spray.

Garden Salad
Garden salad - lettuce from Martin's, Yummy peppers, onions (from the garden), and radishes (again, from Martins)

Ready to Dig in
Hyacinth would be so proud!

I Musta been Hungry
But there's still room for dessert!

Butternut Squash Pie

Butternut Squash Pie - Two Ways
Two butternut squash pie recipes.  OneTwo.  Squash from the Victory Garden.  Thanks, Donna and Darl! Whipped cream and May strawberries from the freezer.
Stock for Future Yumminess
Life is good.  Nap time.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/25/11

Chef Salad 
Lettuce, green beans, onions, yummy peppers, turkey, swiss and cheddar cheese, really local eggs, and repurposed stuffing as croutons.

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