Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tomato Day 2010 Coverage

Heather and LeVan Gray of Chambersburg
Picture by Anne Finucane

We had 162 people submit entries rating the tomatoes in the 2010 Franklin County Tomato Taste Day.

Local press coverage included the Morning Herald of Hagerstown and the Waynesboro Record Herald.

Here's an excerpt from the Morning Herald:
CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Looks aren’t everything when it comes to a great-tasting tomato.

And looks can be deceiving.

“The ugly ones are better,” Master Gardener Mike Cannady said as he carefully sliced a bi-colored variety of one of America’s most-popular fruits.
Cannady joined about 200 tomato growers and connoisseurs Wednesday at the 10th annual Tomato Tasting Day at the Pennsylvania State Cooperative Extension in Chambersburg.
Go to the link for additional quotes from the public and other MG's.  Additional pictures and a video of Steve Bogash describing the event can also be found there.

People line up for their turn
Picture by Laurie Collins
Excerpt from the Record Herald:
Chambersburg, Pa. — The Franklin County Penn State Extension Office was the place to be Wednesday for the annual Tomato Tasting, hosted by the Master Gardeners.

People were invited to taste 25 different varieties of tomatoes in a range of flavors, sizes and colors and award each a score.

Tasting Underway (Picture by Laurie Collins)

More pictures at the link.

MG's Get Ready
(Picture by Laurie Collins)

Yours Truly having a good time, apparently
(Picture by Laurie Collins)
County Commissioner Dave Keller selects the 'Celebrity Judge' winner of the Salsa Contest - MG Darl Hospelhorn
(Picture by Anne Finucane)
MG's Nancy Miller and Darl Hospelhorn
(Picture by Laurie Collins)

MG Coordinator Linda Secrist awards Sheila Keebaugh the 'People's Choice' winner for her Salsa
(Picture by Anne Finucane)

Martha Crider and her grandson, Alex Martin of Newville mark their score
(Photo by Anne Finucane)
Many thanks go to Denise Lucas and Peg Bundy and their crew for their efforts to feed the many volunteers, and so beautifully decorate the Ag Heritage Meeting Rooms.  In case you didn't notice, the source of each of the arrangements was one of the Hort Center Demonstration Gardens - Fence, Herb, Perennial, Pollinator, and Wildlife/Meadow.  And the vegetable display came from the Victory Garden Class.
Lunch spread for Volunteers, Extension, and County Staff
(Photo by Linda Secrist)
Dessert Table
(Photo by Linda Secrist)
Flower Arrangements Decorate the Ag Heritage Meeting Room
(Photo by Linda Secrist)
Flowers from the Meadow and Wildlife Gardens
(Picture by Linda Secrist)

Update: Tuesday, August 31. Here's a link to George Weigel's coverage of the event.

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