Monday, July 26, 2010

Monarch Monday

The Monarchs were active in the garden today.  This butterfly seemed to enjoy my Limelight Hydrangeas.  The Monarch butterfly information is taken from Gardens With Wings.

Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

This spectacular species is one of the most popular and distinguished butterflies. It is a bright shade of brownish red to orange and is complimented by brown or black outlining the wings and highlighting the veins. The Monarch is one of the longest lived butterflies, living up to 9 months. Every year this butterfly makes an amazing journey, up to 3000 miles, as it migrates to warmer climates, such as Mexico. Even more amazing, the many generations of the butterfly return year after year to many of the same locations. Monarchs are fairly large butterflies and strong fliers; they enjoy open areas and love Milkweed. The monarch chrysalis is just as amazing. It is a shimmering green accented with gold, resembling priceless jewelry, a must-have in all Gardens With Wings™.

Family: Brush-footed Butterfly (Nymphalidae)
Subfamily: Milkweed Butterfly (Danainae)
Average Wingspan: 3 1/2" - 4"
Habitat: Open areas, meadows, fields
Similar To: Queen , Viceroy

Plants That Attract This Butterfly

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  1. Saw a Tiger Swallowtail if he will just sit still and smile!