Friday, November 21, 2014

Pumpkins Turned Into Centerpieces

by Carol Kagan, Master Gardener

The 4-H Garden Club, having put this year's vegetable garden to bed for the winter, have turned to some fall and holiday crafts using garden and natural materials. Earlier this November they used cornhusks from their popcorn plants to make cornhusk dolls and dream catchers.

This week we used small pumpkins, hollowed and cleaned, as vases for Thanksgiving centerpieces.
Let's start by looking at all the great creations and smiling faces.

Master Gardener Denise Lucas described the main parts of creating a floral arrangement.
Denise Lucas demonstrates the steps to making a floral arrangement.
Master Gardeners and 4-H families contributed evergreen cuttings and dried materials such as milkweed pods, teasel, ornamental grasses and flowers as well as pine cones and dried berries.
Here's a few shots of the creative process.
Next meeting we will pop the popcorn we grew and enjoy snacks, including some popcorn, while we string popcorn and cranberries for holiday decorations.

Special thanks to the 4-H parents who always stay and help as well as Master Gardener Barb Petrucci our regular volunteer.

Happy Thanksgiving from the 4-H Garden Club.

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  1. Looks like fun. The families will enjoy the centerpieces and the 4-H'ers will be so proud.