Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall into Gardening: A Day at the Demonstration Gardens

by Carol Kagan, Master Gardener

Saturday, September 6th, the Penn State Master Gardeners, Franklin County, hosted the Fall into Gardening event. The weather gods held the rain off until 2 pm, the end of the event, but the price was heat and humidity. Nevertheless, lots of visitors came and discovered the demonstration gardens as they transition into autumn.
Sedum in the Drought-Tolerant Garden (C. Kagan)
The day included a self-guided tour of the demonstration gardens, with docents available to provide more information about the gardens and answer questions. Laurie Collins and her team freshened up the Pollinator Garden and greeted many visitors.

Laurie Collins (L) with visitors in the Pollinator Garden (C. Kagan)
More pollinator plants and pollinators below.

Barbara Petrucci answered questions and talked about herbs with visitors.
Barb Petrucci (L) showing off pineapple sage (C. Kagan)
Corn, tomatoes & more in the Victory Garden (C. Kagan)
Visitors were allowed to stroll through the Victory Garden along the brick path. Ruth Young, Linda Horst and Maria Giles were the main docents for this area.

Denise Lucas identified lots of the plants in the Perennial Garden for visitors eager to know what is blooming this time of year. More perennial plant photos below.

Denise Lucas (R) with visitors in the Perennial Garden (C. Kagan)

Linda Secrist gave a bulb planting demonstration at the pergola in the Native Plant while Cindy Fair helped visitors identify various plants such as the northern oat grass.
Northern Oat Grass in the Native Garden
The plant sale did a brisk business and many of the collectible daylilies were purchased. Billy Morningstar sold some of the garden décor items MG's made earlier this year.
Local Boy Scout, Avery, helped at the Welcome Table, giving out tour maps and scavenger hunt items for the kids. Cathy Campbell also had a pollinator activity and some giveaways for the kids as well.
Visitors could glean information from many of the exhibits in the Clubhouse. The 4-H Garden Club shared some of their Round-Up exhibits along with the pollinator display and herb garden renovation exhibit.

At the end of the day most Master Gardeners felt that they had introduced the gardens to a lot of new visitors and were able to both show off their hard work in the gardens and share their gardening knowledge.

More plants from the Pollinator Garden:

Caterpillar on a dill plant (C. Kagan)
Bee on cosmos (C. Kagan)
More bees - well, it is a pollinator garden!

More plants from the Perennial Garden:

Autumn Clematis, Phlox, Black-eyed Susan and some interesting seed pods (C. Kagan)
Beautiful bright orange flowers (C. Kagan)
A cleome (C. Kagan)
Beautiful seed head of Purple Coneflower (C. Kagan)
It's beautiful, n'est-ce pas?

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