Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring: Part Three

April 11…Apr 25…now May 9.  Spring picks up speed and continues to feast our eyes (though I don't ever remember the redbuds, cherry blossoms and dogwoods in bud all at the same time!)  Just a quick visual of how far we've come in 4 weeks (my other posts are "And You Thought It Would Never Get Here" on 4/11/14 and "Two Weeks On…Is Spring Here Yet?" on 4/26/14).

The rose is down to business now, just filling out its leaves and getting ready for some later color.

Rose - May 9
The Liberty Elm is leafing out nicely but slowly.  The canopy is getting thicker.

Liberty Elm - May 9

The forsythia is pretty much done (for those of you who use that as a reminder: the forsythia blooms are falling so get your crab grass killer on if you hope it to be effective!).

Forsythia - May 9

Big difference in the Viburnum - it has put a lot of energy into those blooms over the past two weeks…

Mohawk Viburnum - May 9
The Weeping Katsura has interesting shaped and colored leaves, especially right now when they are young.

Weeping Katsura - May 9

The Sedum is off on a growth spree, already up about 6 inches.

Sedum - May 9

I never got to enjoy the cherry festival this year - the blossoms were so late that the leaves were already opening up, so just a bit of pink in between the new leaves fro this year.  I'm disappointed.

Cherry - May 9
And the Maple does its maple thing…leaves out, ready to push out some chlorophyl…

Maple - May 9

Enjoy these warmer days, and don't forget to pick out your next-year's spring buds and blossoms at the Master Gardener Plant Sale at the Franklin County Extension Office on Saturday May 17th, 9AM to 1 PM!

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