Friday, March 14, 2014

Redring Milkweed Project

by Carol Kagan, Master Gardener

Redring Milkweed (Asclepias variegata)
I found something interesting when exploring the 2014 designated herbs - Artemisia: Herb of the Year of the International Herb Society and Redring Milkweed: Notable Native Herb from the Herb Society of America. I discovered that redring milkweed is on the endangered plant list in Pennsylvania.

After reading the blog posting, a Master Gardener inquired where to get plants or seeds. I discovered that is not easy. Long story short- Porterbrook Native Herbs in Ohio has plants available.

A proposal to the Master Gardener Steering Committee to establish a propagation colony in our Woodland Meadow Native Habitat Demonstration Garden was approved and plants have been ordered.
Redring Milkweed plant along a roadside


Redring Milkweed - Asclepias variegata
Master Gardeners of Penn State Extension, Franklin County
This project was created to propagate redring milkweed plants (Asclepias variegata) which are an endangered native plant in Pennsylvania. A colony of plants will be established in the Woodland Meadow Native Habitat to provide seeds and plant divisions to share with other native plant organizations. Additionally, these hard to find native plants will be offered as a premium plant at Master Gardener plant sales.
In conjunction with the mission of the Master Gardeners of Penn State Extension, the Redring Milkweed Project will serve the home gardening and general public by 
  • providing a renewable resource for this endangered Pennsylvania native plant.
  • demonstrating inclusion of native plants in the landscape.
  • providing a resource for publicizing the Master Garden program through communication sources such as the Master Gardener blog and Facebook page.
  • adding to the beautiful and inspiring setting of the Woodland Meadow Native Habitat demonstration garden for the delight and inspiration of the public.
Masters Gardeners, Penn State Extension, Franklin County have presentations, events and workshops throughout the year. To be added to the e-mail event schedule list, please email or call 717-263-9226.


  1. I realise this is an old post, but I happily ran into this blog searching for rendering milkweed seeds. I am a Master Gardener (inactive due to health problems) from Fayette County and have been looking for quite a while for seeds for this plant. Do you have any available or know where I can obtain some. I am trying to find more native and endangered milkweed to grow in my garden. Thank you!

  2. I also am looking for aclepias variegata 'Red Wing Milkweed'. We are certified Monarch Waystation here in Monroe City, Missouri. We have been desperately searching for these seeds to add to our Garden of Monarchs! We will gladly pay for any seeds available! Thank you! Victoria Hanlin, Monroe City, MO.