Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Final Touches on the Herb Garden

Demonstration Herb Garden August 2013

The Herb Garden installation is complete. Here are some of the highlights.
A new mailbox was installed with help from husbands Keith Collins and Tobias Kagan and Barb Petrucci’s beautiful painted canvas was attached.
Fence Features
The ten wood raised beds were constructed and installed by George Fries who also built the two fences at the ends of the garden.
Reclaimed and Refurbished Bench
After Carol Kagan and Barb Petrucci cleaned and repainted two found wrought iron bench frames, George also made and installed the wooden slats.
Passion Flower in Biblical Bed
Two wooden obelisks, donated by Billy Morningstar, are in the back corners.
Passion flower is vining up one alongside other herbs in the Biblical- themed bed which is flanked by a monastery and Roman-style bed (Jerry Lewis, coordinator).

Section of Culinary Bed

Hops are climbing the second one in the culinary bed which has many of the common cooking herbs as well as some more unusual ones (Sue McManus, coordinator).
The fragrance garden has a wrought iron obelisk, which Bill Stead and husband Ed Petrucci helped install. It has a climbing rose donated by Nancy Redington.  A variety of scented thymes and lavenders surround this centerpiece (Barb Petrucci, coordinator).

Fragrance Bed
The craft bed features a signpost with nightlight cap donated by Carol Kagan and installed by Tobias Kagan. Herbs used for dried crafts, potpourris and sachets as well as insect repellents are included (Carol Kagan, coordinator).
Craft Bed
A small wrought item post donated by Carol Kagan is in the dye bed which included some unusual plants such as black iris and woad in addition to other plants (Carol Kagan, coordinator).
Dye Bed
There is also a mint bed with a wide variety from mountain mint to Kentucky Colonel and pennyroyal (Jean Schlect, coordinator).
Section of the Mint Bed
Although we have mentioned many who have helped, volunteered and donated, there are many others who came out for work days and who donated time and plants. We thank everyone who helped create this beautiful garden.
Strawflowers in the craft bed
Morning hours find the benches in shade while afternoon they are in full sun. Pick your favorite time and come sit among the herbs.
Lavender - Golden Thyme - Lemon Thyme - Rosemary
See the progression of the rejuvenation of the herb garden:
Master Gardener Herb Garden: June 2013

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