Thursday, December 29, 2011

Perry's Perennial Pages

Dr. Leonard Perry

Dr. Leonard Perry of the University of Vermont started a blog back in May, 2011.  I've added a link at the sidebar under "Other Blogs".  This is in addition to his website, Perry's Perennial Pages that has been in the "Links to Other Sites" section since 2009.

Like the Garden Professors and Dr. Lee Reich's blogs, Dr. Perry provides great objective gardening information based on sound research, specializing in (although not limited to) herbaceous perennials.  From his biography:

Dr. Leonard Perry is the Greenhouse and Nursery Extension  Specialist for the University of Vermont.  In this role Dr. Perry provides information and programming to the industry of Vermont, region, and North America.  Home gardeners in Vermont and surrounding areas know him from his frequent television appearances on Across the Fence and radio.  As a Professor, Dr. Perry along with graduate students has an active research program on all aspects of perennial production and overwintering.  Students know him from his courses at UVM on Garden Plants and Indoor Flowers, with the Herbaceous Garden Plants course now available to anyone totally online.   Communities across the U.S. have met him through his past role as a judge for the America in Bloom program.  Dr. Perry is becoming known across North America for his internet web site-- Perry's Perennial Pages -- at which he features information, links, news articles, research and more on herbaceous perennials.  Look him up through this site name on Google or other search engines, or at
Check it out.

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