Friday, January 28, 2011

Snowy Day Musings

Fellow Master Gardener Jerry Lewis shares his snowy day thoughts.

I can hear it all over the neighborhood - “Enough of this snow already!” “Isn’t it time for spring???” “Can we still go south?” - well, you can handle it however you want, but here are some suggestions:

Remember when we needed that appliance?

Be thankful you’re not a bird. 

Check out the berries you never saw before.

 [guess which tree this is in the comments - Ray E.]

Do some research on why oak leaves hang on so long.
[any guesses? - Ray E.]
Maybe work on your NCIS skills?
[Opportunity for more guesswork in the comments - Ray E.]

Be glad you didn’t cut that grass back.

Just enjoy the scenery

I’m going for a walk - see you out there!

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