Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Well Kathy, it's more than a glimmer now.  Here we are a mere week later and Spring has begun!  At last the snow has done it's retreat.  And in it's place have marched forth all of those lovely spring bulbs as well as a few perennials.  The robins are doing their mating rituals, mockingbirds are gathering nesting material, and the pond critters and fish have come out of their winter hideouts!

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.

I am so eager to be done with the snow and cold.  Realizing there's no certainty of no more snow for a some weeks yet.  I'm filled with excitement about my flower beds and what cool creatures I might photograph this year.
My heart beats fast over the plant and seed catalogs.
And yet.....I know it's the beginning of 8-12 weeks of seriously hard work.  Waking up mornings feeling like I've contracted polio overnight from gardening the day before.  This year, Wii Fit has entered my life.  Maybe that part won't be so bad.  Or perhaps that's wishful thinking.  

Spring:  Time has a way of evaporating into thin air, causing me near angina, for fear of not getting to something in time.  Plants could care less what your schedule is.  They don't wait for you.

In addition.......all of those "over the winter" projects I had delusions of grandeur about, have now moved to the "git r done or forget it" pile.

We're talking mere hours left to wrap things up here people!

Especially challenging when you work full time.

I begin a season of laundry piling up, dishes left in the sink and dust buffalo rolling around the house .  Yes you heard me, dust buffalo.  They replace the bunnies when spring hits.

More angina.

I did say I love this time of year, didn't I?

Bring it on!

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